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The #GC has provided @CCRW with funding under the National Workplace Accessibility Stream of the Opportunities Fund, to help employers remove barriers to employment for persons with disabilities. #AccessibleCanada

If you were confirmed eligible for the one-time payment to persons with disabilities by November 25, 2020, you may receive your payment, starting on the week of January 18, 2021.

Please allow an extra 5 business days for processing or mail delivery.

International Day of People With Disabilities: Thinking outside the wheelchair

Emergency Food and Meal Programs Available in Kingston and Frontenac

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Independent Living Centre Kingston
Independent Living Centre Kingston
Independent Living Centre Kingston is our United Way weekly spotlight on Limestone Lens. Founded by people with disabilities in the late 1980s, Independent Living Centre Kingston is a disability resource centre providing information, support, and skills-building programs that address disability issues in the community. Supported by the United Way, they in turn support people with disabilities, their families, and the community. All of their programs and services are free.
Independent Living Centre Kingston