Our Stories

  • Tara’s Story

    Tara Blakely came to Independent Living Centre Kingston in 2009. She wanted help applying for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Tara endured emotional, physical, and sexual abuse as a child and as an adult. While living with memories of abuse, she supported her children by becoming a cleaner. However, she lost her job because […]

  • Britney’s Story

    Britney was a 40-year-old mother barely surviving in a dangerously abusive situation and came to the centre for support. Through this support she was able to leave her abuser and became empowered to start her new life in reaching her dream of becoming a chef. This is Britney Jordan’s story. Britney survived multiple sexual assaults […]

  • Jim’s Story

    On December 21st, Jim Michaels, 88, came to the centre looking for help. He was a homeless Korean War veteran with a physical disability and had problems controlling his temper. Jim was turned away from several community support organizations because of his temper from post-traumatic stress disorder and other serious mental health issues. We offered […]


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